Virtual Reality Metaverse will change sexual habits!

Especially after Facebook announced the Meta, an important claim was made about the Metaverse, which was high on the agenda. Experts warn that Facebook will radically change sexual habits using virtual reality in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse VR project has brought many discussions, including gender, to the virtual universe. It is said that the Metaverse project will fail if sex is not allowed in the virtual universe.

Having sex in virtual reality

Tech billionaire Mark Zuckerberg announced in October that his Facebook company would change its name to “Meta” and focus on the Metaverse. According to The Independent Turkish, the virtual reality project, which “introduces the consumer into a new world”, has brought with it a lot of discussions. One such discussion revolves around sexual habits in the virtual universe.

In an article published on the New York-based news site Vice, it was said that the Metaverse project would fail if sex was not allowed in the virtual universe. No more details about Facebook’s virtual world have been announced yet. “Most of the company’s plans will be decided within 5-10 years,” an unnamed Meta spokesperson told Vice.


In addition, Meta CEOs Andrew Bosworth and Nick Clegg wrote in a blog post about the Metaverse project in September: “We are working to ensure our terms of use, privacy controls, and security measures are compatible with new technologies and keeping people safe.” You won’t do the job. Doing it right requires collaboration with experts across industry, government and regulators. “