Warfield 100 is an insane Battle Royale mode in Battlefield 2042

For Battlefield 2042, which was released on November 19, 2021, the developer created a Battle Royale mode where 100 players can fight at the same time.

The convoy of extraordinary developments related to Battlefield 2042 has begun! Reddit user u/chbmg, who is registered as a game developer, introduced a new mode called Warfield 100.

As you can imagine, the new Battle Royale 100 mode in Battlefield 2042, which took place in 2046, comes with less equipment and a “narrow map” feature, which relies on the approach of surviving players, just like other similar games. By staying in the map, you collect a lot of loot and try to defeat opponents. Like Fortnite and others…

Escape to large areas is forbidden forever. If you try this, it will kill the computer. Fortunately, the killed players can go back, recover in prison, try to escape and continue the game from where they left off… no doubt it will be fun.

It is expected that interesting modes related to production will continue to emerge for the PC platform.

On the other hand, after the server-side issues in Battlefield 2042 in the fps genre, the weather seems to have become a bit milder overall. Because it turns out that the shares of actors who adopt productions and express their ilk have increased.