Watch the live broadcast of Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin’s journey into space

On this site you can watch the live broadcast of Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin’s journey into space

The day has come, everything is ready. Jeff Bezos and his three companions prepare to board the independent New Shepard spacecraft from Blue Origin, the entrepreneur’s space company, and launch into suborbital space on July 20.

After a weekend of intense training, the crew will arrive at the company’s first launch site, located in the desert west of Texas, USA, ready to complete a historic mission: the first-ever civilian drone flight of its kind.
The New Shepherd is ready to fly,” said flight manager Steve Lanius, adding that the weather forecast looked favorable for the scheduled take-off at 1:00 GMT.

The flight, which will feature 82-year-old pilot Wally Funk, physics student Oliver Damon, Jeff Bezos and his 18-year-old brother Mark, will be streamed live on Blue Origin, in a broadcast that will begin at 11:30 a.m.

The crew will fly to the Karmann Line, the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and space. There they can enjoy stunning views of the Earth while floating inside the capsule for a few minutes in microgravity conditions.

The entire experience, from take-off to landing, is expected to last just over 10 minutes. Upon completion, a press conference will be held with the group.

Spectators will be able to see the launch of the missile, the moment the capsule detaches from the missile, the return of the missile, and photos of the interior of the capsule and the crew’s return to Earth.