What does the inverted face emoji mean and when should it be used

Emojis have become key figures in our social media posts and messages across different platforms, especially on WhatsApp. With more than 3,300 different emoji, we can say that there is an emoji for every situation and even the vast majority belong to Japanese culture.

Among the categories of emojis, the following stand out: feelings, emotions, food, animals, vehicles, places and many more. However, there is one specific emoji that we want to talk to you about this time, and that is the upside-down face on WhatsApp.

Sure, on more than one occasion you’ve used it in your conversations, but do you really know what it means? To eliminate doubts, we tell you what this emoji is about and when to use it on WhatsApp.

As mentioned, emojis can be used according to each situation to help you emphasize the context of a sentence or to give a clearer meaning to your messages.

In any case, inverted face symbols do not escape this situation, as they can be given different meanings depending on the topic you are talking about, you can see some examples below.

In love

Although it may not seem like it, this emoji has a very special meaning when used in an emotional conversation with your partner or that special someone who stole your heart.

When the inverted face emoji is used, it is because that person is giving your head back with happiness, feelings and emotion, so this emoji is a representation of that situation.

Into the Fun

Surely on more than one occasion with your family or friends you have had such an amazing time that you can’t stop laughing as you practically wriggle on the floor laughing. truly?

Well, this is one of the different representations of this emoji, it’s simply when someone tells you something that made you laugh so much, you just can’t stop laughing out loud.

Irony or embarrassment

Also, it could be the case that you can take the topic of conversation or context for a touch of sarcasm, giving a vague feel to your answer with that emoji, showing that you’re taking things lightly.

Or in the extreme case, I expected a different response from someone, and in order not to make them feel bad, I decided to turn the face upside down from WhatsApp and hide the uncomfortable moment.

If you are surprised by this weird fact about the upside-down face emoji, then this will help you in the next time in using it in your conversations properly.