What does XD mean on WhatsApp and on social networks and what is its origin

Certainly, on more than one occasion I have used the expression “XD” in a conversation with friends, family, or on a social networking site. But the most likely thing is that you do not clearly know what it means.

Previously, we explained the meaning of upside-down emojis and when you should use them in WhatsApp, this time we want to help you better understand the meaning of XD in WhatsApp and on social networks.
This popular expression has been popular for years on the internet, through instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and more, on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

However, for many netizens, the true meaning of XD is unknown, especially when the expression is received through a message or comment, especially if they are not very keen on technology.

Anyway, the very popular XD on WhatsApp or other social networks is just one of the many ways to represent a laughing emoji. Although it seems like a very simple and unstructured answer, it is the truth.

Analyzing the expression, we find that the X will be “eyes tightly closed” and the letter D in capital letters is nothing more than a big, gigantic smile. In addition, the frequently expressed portrait, usually generates some confusion, as you will have to turn the phone or turn your head to find out the meaning.

Fortunately, in most instant messages or social media platforms, there are various forms of emoji that can perfectly represent any expression, such as a smiling face.

However, XD can be considered the origin of these emojis, since it has been with us for many years and during this time it has been represented in different ways, for example: xD, Xd, xd, but always with the same meaning.

Origin of the expression “XD”

Very well, now that we know what the XD expression means and the different variants you can find, it’s important to know where it comes from. To explain it, we must go to the manga (Japanese comics), where it is very popular to find it.

In these cases, when the character is laughing out loud in a situation, the expression is represented by an X (“><“) for tightly closed eyes, and of course the capital letter D for his huge mouth-level smile.

In addition, his popularity increased thanks to the TV series known as South Park, which can be seen on multiple occasions represented by the characters involved in the humorous situations.
Although, for many people, capital letters or lowercase letters are not the same thing, and even no longer have the same effect as their original version, they are still incredibly common today in almost any conversation. And how do you usually write it?