What happens to your device when you install illegal software and games

One of the many practices that we see around the world, especially in the Arab world, is the use of modified programs and games, or the search for illegal secrets for a game or a paid program, and although this saves you a lot of money, it poses a great risk to your device.

Mostly, users go to Google to search for the serials of paid games and software, and some also turn to famous sites that offer illegal copies of games and software, and it is clear that most of them can be downloaded via Torrent.

Legally, this practice is illegal due to the infringement of the copyrights of the producing companies. Although we know that you may not be able to pay for games and software, it is best to set up a separate computer away from your personal data to install and try them. Here are the problems you may encounter when using them:

  • Browser ad viruses

It is very common for game and software crack download sites to ask you to enable notifications on your browser to continue the download process. This procedure will cause you to get many annoying notifications, most likely from virus programs that threaten your device.

Browsers allow you to block unwanted notifications, however, we cannot guarantee that illegal content download sites will not ask you for more actions and permissions or ask you to install a specific extension on your browser, which may cause various viruses to enter it.

  • Ransomware

Ransomware tops the list of the most dangerous viruses, because it encrypts all your important data, and you will need to pay to retrieve it, and even if you can, you will never recover it unless a decryption tool for encrypted files is launched by the famous security companies.

When you install a paid program or game for free from a suspicious site, you should know that hackers are not giving you those contents for free to pity you, and certainly they have a hidden purpose behind it, one example is that they often integrate ransomware to make money from those whose important files have been encrypted.

  • Mining virus

In recent years, a new virus has started to appear which is the mining virus, and it can be noticed greatly when you are using a game or a program and you find that it consumes the resources of your device more than it needs.

When a game or program is offered for free, a program that mines cryptocurrency is integrated. According to statistics, a lot of money has been achieved using the mining virus, and unfortunately it is difficult to detect it manually, especially games and new programs that require a lot of computer resources, and therefore the consumption will seem normal.

  • Other viruses

Sometimes types of viruses are presented with the aim of stealing your personal information and selling it on the dark web, with the possibility of stealing your password and using it to hack your accounts, up to the electronic payment services you use, and this leads to the theft of all your money.