How will Android 13 be? Here is the information revealed

New information continues to emerge about the operating system, which will be the new operating system for millions of users. Months ago, it was said that Android 13 would be called “tiramisu“. New information is being leaked about the features it will have along with its name. We’ve gathered what we know about Android 13, which is expected to attract attention with innovations, in this piece of news:

What we know about Android 13

While Android 12, which brings completely new features to Android phones, is still on the agenda, talk has begun about what Android 13 will be like. According to the details that have emerged, Bluetooth LE Audio support will be fully available on Android 13. This, of course, will mean better audio experience. This feature, which provides lower power consumption, also prevents connection problems when connecting wireless devices.

Thanks to this new feature of Android 13, it is expected to provide a better experience for users from the side of wireless headphones and wireless speakers. In another support called “Panlingual” in the foreign press, the language barrier problem will be removed. The feature that will be introduced will allow Android 13 users to choose different language options.

Panlingual support, discovered by Android Police, can be basically explained as follows: For example, an Android user will be able to choose Spanish as the default language when using messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, while the phone system user interface and other apps will be set into English or any other language of their choice. This is a very important feature.