WhatsApp is testing the ability to transfer chats between Android and iOS

Transferring WhatsApp chats between Android and iOS and vice versa is a headache for anyone who has switched systems. Backups for each release are made in different formats, so there was no native functionality to make this happen. However, it has been noted that WhatsApp is working on this functionality and it is possible that it will soon reach the beta version.

The feature of transferring chats between Android and iOS

This is a feature that will solve a major issue for WhatsApp users who often switch devices and need to keep their conversations intact.

So far, anyone with an Android device who buys an iPhone will face the challenge of transferring chats. This is something third-party programs have been providing all this time, however, and generally this means putting our personal data into extra hands. WhatsApp has been busy for several months with making changes to its services to make it more convenient for its users and more competitive compared to other alternatives.

Within these tests, there is an important function of transferring WhatsApp chats between Android and iOS. Although it has not yet been released in beta, a video has been shown demonstrating the operation of the feature.


In this sense, it will show a button to start the transfer and also give an indication that the cable is not disconnected. This may indicate that the process will be performed from the computer, however, it will be necessary to wait for it to reach the beta version of the application to know exactly that.