WhatsApp will remove accounts that forward spam messages

WhatsApp removes accounts that forward spam messages and accounts that use modified WhatsApp

Despite the fact that WhatsApp officially announced some time ago that it would ban the accounts of people who use modified versions of the messaging app, millions of users can still be seen using them.

This seems to be because WhatsApp is somewhat lax in this regard. Although what appears to be not allowed is in the forwarding of scam or scam messages, a situation that WhatsApp is aware of, as it has begun taking action in this regard.

About 8 months ago, WhatsApp announced to everyone that it would take very serious measures to put an end to scams and misleading messages.

While you can still see hundreds of thousands of messages seeking to scam people, WhatsApp is working hard so that this number is gradually reduced.

Thanks to the development of new algorithms, WhatsApp reports that it can now follow these messages in a simple way, as well as detect who the user was who shared this type of scam.

It is important to clarify that WhatsApp will not close those accounts that accidentally shared a hoax or scam. Thanks to the new detection system, the messaging app will take into account the following points to detect any kind of anomalies in message forwarding:

– If a misleading message is shared more than 10 times within a few minutes, the account will be permanently locked.

– If a scam is resubmitted gradually and over several days, the account will be banned indefinitely.

– If a hoax is shared by mistake (ignorance of the scam)، WhatsApp will not take this event into account.

If the message was automatically shared (virus), WhatsApp will take into account that the user was not at fault.

From here, we recommend that you avoid sharing scam messages on WhatsApp. Although it is sometimes possible to fall into this type of practice out of complete ignorance, the messaging app itself has a tool to find out if a message is a scam or a scam.

Without more to add in this regard, we take the opportunity to remind you that you should not use GBWhatsApp, why? For the simple reason that WhatsApp also suspends thousands of accounts that you use daily.