Will Avast become the largest antivirus company in the world?

Norton announced the acquisition of Avast Plc on Wednesday after entering into an agreement with the Czech-origin company under which it will pay between $8,100 and $8,600 billion to complete the merger.

This move will give Norton access to one of the largest customer bases in the antivirus industry, especially outside the corporate sector.

Likewise, the two companies are confident that this agreement will allow the creation of better products focused on cybersecurity in the future, bringing together the expertise of the two companies.

Avast currently has more than 430 million premium users, so Vincent Bildt mentioned that they will soon be able to make their cybersecurity platform available to more than 500 million people.

Through a statement it was received that once the merger is complete, Norton’s CEO will remain CEO, and the company will have two locations in Tempe, Arizona and Prague. Avast’s CEO will become president and join the board of directors.

The problem is that this merger will also lead to some disadvantages, as they expect the company to cut about 1,000 jobs around the world in the near future.