Will Microsoft force you to update to Windows 11 this year?

Windows 11 will arrive at the end of the year, probably around November. Microsoft has completed the base operating system, and over the coming months will test its stability and add new functionality. Additionally, we’ve learned that, fortunately, the update will not be mandatory.

Many users have complained about the requirements for Windows 11, as it is likely that the company will eventually decide not to include support for PCs prior to 2016.

However, even if you have compatible devices, there are always many users who are reluctant to change and update and have good news.

Update to Windows 11 Is it mandatory?

Windows 11 will come as a free update for Windows 10 users, but they will have to manually check for installations and click to install Windows 11. This option will appear under regular updates, as it does now with optional updates. If your computer does not have compatible specifications, you will not receive the notification in Windows to update.

Microsoft learned from the mistakes it made with Windows 10, forced the update on some conflicting PCs, and had to pay people for compatibility issues and even file loss.