Will (Super Followers) come next on Twitter? Here are the details

As the Twitter platform continues to work on tools to provide income to content makers, it is now testing a new counter within the personal account that displays the number of Super Followers, so that the counter provides a quick overview of the number of subscribers who pay per user through the platform.

According to the screenshots released by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, the new Super Followers counter is shown alongside the regular follower number.

This could help inspire more people to subscribe as well, to become paying subscribers for Tweets and additional content.

Twitter’s Super Follow option provides content makers with another way to generate direct income from their efforts through the platform, by charging a monthly fee to give fans access to a range of additional content and interaction features.

And Super Followers are given extended access to newsletters, exclusive content, and member discounts across merchandise or other products by registering for $ 4.99 a month.

This provides more incentives for content makers to build communities of subscribers who pay through the platform, helping Twitter maintain a steady flow of exclusive content.

It also helps keep more fans coming back to the stage more often, which allows for engagement to build.

The emergence of TikTok, coupled with the effects of the pandemic, has prompted all platforms to reassess monetization options for content makers, as a way to preserve audiences and provide direct revenue tools for content makers and artists affected by global shutdowns and other mitigation efforts.

Given this, adding Super Followers makes sense, although it is somewhat surprising to see Twitter add another list of followers on accounts, given CEO Jack Dorsey’s aversion to displaying current follow counters.

Dorsey explained at a chat session in India in 2018 that he wants to reduce follower counters, because they no longer reflect the correct focus of social media sharing.

And Dorsey said at the time: When you open Twitter and see that the number of followers is five, it actually motivates you to increase this number, and maybe this was true 12 years ago, but I do not think it is correct today, and I do not think that this is the number that you should focus on, And I think the most important thing is the number of meaningful conversations that you have on the platform.

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