Will the Facebook application change or disappear? And what is Meta?

Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday that things at Facebook are going to change. The company wants to give a new breath to everything that includes the word Facebook and has changed the name of the parent company. Facebook is not only the name of the most important social network in the world, it is also the name of the company that runs the social network, WhatsApp, Facebook and a large number of companies. Facebook now bears the name Meta, which prompted many users to ask many questions.

Will the name of the Facebook app change to Meta?

No, from now on you will not have a Meta account instead of a Facebook account. What has changed is the name of the parent company and not the name of the social network. Facebook will continue as a social network while maintaining its name, apps, and design.

What changes is the name of the company that includes everything. So far, the social network and the company that handled it all share a name. Now that’s changing and the company that will handle everything is called Meta.

Meta will be responsible for managing Facebook (the social network), Instagram, WhatsApp and the rest of the company’s businesses and small businesses. But no, social networks will not be subject to changes due to the name change.

The metaverse is what Mark Zuckerberg called the next step in the digital age. It goes beyond cell phones and the internet as we know it. With the problems Facebook has faced in recent years, expanding into new business channels has been complicated. Hence, the company changed its name from Facebook to Meta.

Your Facebook account will remain the same and the application will not change its name, and the same for WhatsApp and the rest of the other Facebook applications. The truth is that the change in Meta is at a business level and will have little impact on users who use the services of Facebook which is now Meta.