Will Trump decide to hold Facebook and Twitter accountable?

In recent weeks, Donald Trump has expressed his displeasure with the actions taken by Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, and Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, to ban his social media accounts as a result of the Capitol invasion.

Trump decides to sue the managers of Facebook and Twitter to ban his account

After several notices and a temporary ban of his account, Twitter decided to suspend Trump’s account indefinitely, while Facebook decided to extend the ban for two years.
According to US media, Axios, Trump will sue Dorsey and Zuckerberg for the actions taken against him, and will make an announcement later through a press conference.

The source states that the former president of the United States will be accompanied by Linda McMahon and Brooke Rollins, who served as the head of the Small Business Administration and director of domestic policy for this country during the Trump administration.

Likewise, the former president will be supported by the First American Policy Institute, a non-profit organization focused on perpetuating Trump’s policies.

During his tenure, Donald Trump signed an executive order intending to reduce the legal protections of social media companies for content posted by their users so that they are responsible for said content. However, Joe Biden, the current president of the United States, rescinded the order in May of this year.

Axios also asserts that Trump has threatened several times to sue different people during his career, but in a few cases has complied with the threat.

So far neither Twitter nor Facebook has commented on the matter, however, in January of this year, Jack Dorsey made it clear that Trump’s ban was the right decision for Twitter, and that if people didn’t agree with the social network’s rules, they could go for another service.