Will Windows 11 be less secure than Windows 10 as we hear

Why many experts think Windows 11 will be less secure than Windows 10

The Microsoft team got into a big mess just four weeks before the launch of the new operating system, so will Windows 11 be the least secure operating system yet?

As you all know, Windows 11 will be officially launched on October 5th. Conflicting information, changes, and many other connectivity issues cause security experts to start suspicious of Windows 11 and its promises.

According to Microsoft initially, only the latest PCs (those with TPM 2.0 cryptochip) could upgrade to Windows 11 due to a security issue and compatibility with major services of the operating system.

Backed out and later made available an ISO or bootable disk, users with older computers can move to Windows 11 without a problem. But as long as you don’t update it. That is, they will have Windows 11 but without service or security updates.

Since then, security experts from various international media have wanted to force Bill Gates to provide an official response on the matter. Less than 25 days after its release, they still haven’t found an answer.

According to professionals, potentially millions of Windows 11 PCs without security patches and updates could be a global risk, a hacker’s paradise.

Experts believe that either Microsoft will prevent Windows 11 from being compatible with old computers or by releasing promising updates to all computers regardless of their availability on TPM 2.0 or not, otherwise surfing the Internet will be hell in just a few months as hacks will increase for anyone who installed Windows 11 on his old computer, it will become less secure than Windows 10.