Windows 365 to run Windows 11 and 10 via browser without installation

Microsoft announces Windows 365 to run Windows 11 or Windows 10 through the browser without installation

Microsoft has announced its new Windows 365 initiative, which aims to make its operating system more accessible, by providing users with access to it through the cloud.

The service, formerly known as Microsoft Cloud PC, initially targeted businesses and work environments, with the goal of providing this type of audience with a new way to use Windows remotely, using only a web browser.

According to Microsoft, it will not be necessary to meet many requirements to be able to use Windows 10 or Windows 11 through the browser. In fact, the only thing that will be necessary is to have a relatively modern browser, which allows access to Microsoft Remote Desktop technology to run and control the version of Windows hosted in the cloud.

Microsoft explains that this service will give users and workers the ability to work from a computer, with their applications and data stored in the cloud, regardless of which device is used.

Initially, there will be two editions of Windows 365: Business and Enterprise. Each of them will allow company administrators to configure the virtual machines on which the operating system will run, and both modes will be based on Azure Virtual Desktop.

The launch time of Windows 365 will be on August 2, and it will initially be available to businesses only, and in order to use it, the subscription will have to be paid monthly, the price of which has not been revealed at the moment.