With MobileTrans, you can easily transfer files between devices

The first thing we think about when we buy a new smartphone is how we deal with the information and personal data saved in the old cell phone, fortunately there are different ways to transfer personal data to users through a group of programs specially developed for this purpose, and among them I invite you to discover the service of the MobileTrans program that will help you Transfer your data with one click.

The program supports both Mac or Windows operating systems to transfer data and when we talk about information or data, we mean pictures, videos, applications and messages, as well as contacts, SMS, notes, voice recordings, etc., and if you have a phone that belongs to the Nokia Windows Phone series, the program is compatible With it too, the best part is that all of this is done with one click, which saves you time and makes the process easier.

MobileTrans is easy to use, and if you are asking about WhatsApp data and other social networks, the program supports seamless transfer of the information contained within these applications and supports making a backup copy on your computer or Mac.

One of the advantages of MobileTrans is that it also supports transfer between different operating systems, that is, regardless of the type of smartphone that you have, it allows data transfer from Android to Android and from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android and others.

The program also features that it supports the latest Apple devices such as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, XS Max and previous versions, including iPad Pro, Air, Mini and iPod touch, and MobileTrans supports many brands of Android devices and is compatible with Windows Phone 8 and 8.1.

The program MobileTrans has a very easy-to-use interface to transfer data from an old mobile phone to a new phone, including photos, videos, contacts, etc., you will connect the two phones to your computer via their USB cable, and at this stage you select the contents you want Copy it from one smartphone to another, then click the “Start” option.

If you are concerned about your WhatsApp information If you are thinking of switching from your Android device to a new iPhone device or vice versa, the program supports the transfer of all personal and group messages and personal data and makes it safe, this data may be photos, chat history, videos, stickers, and attachments And others.

As MobileTrans is one of the most complete programs for backing up information on your device, you do not need to be a technician specializing in making backups, and through this link you can download your copy of the MobileTrans program and discover all the features that it can provide to you, and on this page you can Access to written and pictorial explanations on how to deal with all functions in the MobileTrans program.

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