Xiaomi credit card includes exclusive features similar to Apple Card

Xiaomi launched its own credit card with exclusive features similar to Apple Card

Xiaomi’s entry into the world of financial services was only a matter of time. The company, which already has its own mobile payment platform available in China, wanted to go ahead by launching its own credit card by partnering with China Citic Bank, one of the most popular financial institutions in the brand’s country of origin.

The Xiaomi CITIC Bank Card, called “Discover Card“, will be available in China and will have many advantages for customers who decide to contract the service.

The card in question has a design similar to that of the Apple Card. They are made of metal, and have a simple appearance and a matte feel, allowing them to reflect a variety of colors depending on how the light is reflected.

The card has no annual fee for the first year. Additionally, clients can avoid subsequent annual fees simply by meeting the requirements imposed by the financial institution. However, there are prices that cost 480 yuan per year or 200 yuan per year respectively, and they each have different advantages and requirements.

Among its advantages, the card offers customers a 2% refund for every transaction made via the Mi Pay platform, with a maximum of 20 yuan per day and 50 yuan per month.

Also, when the set limit is reached, users will continue to enjoy a random refund for every transaction over 1 yuan.

Those who contract the card will also enjoy “VIP rights” on Xiaomi. By spending 3,000, 8,000 and 15,000 yuan during a calendar month, customers will have the opportunity to access the VIP service of the Xiaomi ecosystem available in China.

Upon contracting with him, after making the first transaction through any payment platform, customers will get a discount voucher of 100 yuan to spend at Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi Home.

Xiaomi device holders residing in China can request the card through the app formerly known as Xiaomi Wallet –Tianxing Financial Wallet- by clicking on the “Discover Card” option. If you do not have a Xiaomi smartphone, you can contact CITIC Bank of China to order one of these cards.