Xiaomi just launched a new water purifier that has eight levels of filtration

Xiaomi announces a new water purifier that has eight levels of filtration

Xiaomi is the second company that sells the most mobile phones worldwide after overtaking Apple recently. However, the Chinese company not only sells smartphones but also other technology products of all kinds.

Now as we read in Gizmochina, Xiaomi has launched a new product for the home -. The water purifier, unlike other products of the brand, is not overly cheap.

It’s called My Water Purifier 1200G and works, as its name suggests, to purify water. It’s possible that this product isn’t really useful for many of our readers, but it’s intended for the Chinese market where tap water doesn’t seem to be safe to drink. But not only for that, but also because a lot of it is waste water that is not even suitable for washing dishes.

This device has eight levels of filtration that effectively remove harmful substances such as bacteria, heavy metals and even disinfection products. Its speed is truly amazing as it filters 3.2 liters per minute, fills a 150ml beaker in just three seconds and a one-liter bowl in just 19 seconds.

As we said before, the Mi Water Purifier 1200 G is designed for the Chinese market, and it will be officially released on July 26, and it is now available for pre-order at a price of $462.