Xiaomi officially announces the abandonment of the “Mi” brand

Xiaomi officially abandons the "Mi" brand

10 years after introducing the first product with the “Mi” brand, Xiaomi confirmed to XDA that the popular category will no longer exist. The “Mi” series has experienced impressive growth in recent years, conquering first Asia and then the whole world with its own products with an excellent ratio of quality and price. The news comes as a surprise after at the beginning of the month Xiaomi became the first smartphone manufacturer in Europe, overtaking Samsung and Apple.

In fact, the latest smartphone was introduced by Xiaomi the MIX 4 and not Mi MIX 4. As we know, in recent years Xiaomi has used the Mi brand for any type of product: smartphones, tablets, computers, wearables, smart home products, scooters and many more. Moreover, Xiaomi already sells its smartphones in China without the Mi brand.
“Mi” stands for two things: “mobile internet” and “mission impossible”. The first refers to the focus on the company’s product, while the second refers to the company’s ambitions,” said co-founder and long-time CEO of Xiaomi, Liu Jun.

So, it is very likely that we will not see the upcoming “Xiaomi Mi 12” with this name as it will be “Xiaomi 12“.