YouTube competes with Tik Tok in providing money to users

TikTok continues to grow at an impressive rate, which has put it in the crossfire of the rest of the social networks. Such is the case with YouTube, which is taking steps to promote YouTube Short while “attacking” the Chinese platform TikTok.

Google’s YouTube has announced that it will pay creators up to $10,000 to create YouTube Short videos, with a total credit of $100 million to use for one year starting this month.

YouTube explained that the amount these users will be rewarded will depend on several factors in each case, including the number of short videos posted and audiences reached.

but this is not all. YouTube also requires that this content be original for YouTube Short clips, i.e., if the same video is posted on another platform or watermarked from another social network, it cannot be monetized.

Although this initiative appears to be a direct attack on TikTok, Neal Mohan, YouTube’s product manager, emphasized that for content creators, it’s “really great” that they have so many options for posting their content, adding that “while it is They may look similar in many ways to TikTok, but they are basically very, very different.”

YouTube Short was launched in September 2020 in India and has since spread to the rest of the world.