YouTube will remove videos about the COVID-19 vaccine

One of the big problems Google has faced since the COVID-19 pandemic began is misinformation. Initially, news about the virus affected thousands of people, however, another point is emerging more false and harmful information about vaccines against COVID-19.

You will surely remember that in many countries in Europe and the United States there have been cases of attacks against 5G base stations because it was reported that this technology made infection easier. With vaccines, the problem is no different, the problem is that misinformation about them will only make it take longer to get out of this epidemic.

Although YouTube already has guidelines that prohibit certain types of misinformation about medicine, the company revealed today that it has added new policies that will ban and remove all videos claiming this information:

Videos about approved vaccines are dangerous and cause chronic health effects.

Videos confirming that vaccines do not reduce the transmission or occurrence of diseases.

Giving false information about the substances in vaccines.

Anything that claims that vaccines cause autism, cancer, or infertility.

Posting videos about vaccines being used to track users.

However, the company says that due to the importance of public discussion, it will continue to allow content to be uploaded that deals with vaccine policy, vaccine trials, and vaccine successes and failures.

Personal testimonials related to vaccines are also allowed as long as the above points have not been violated.